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Enormous Bear on Sitno


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Original woodcut print

Limited edition of 50
From the series The Fires of Krupina

Paper size 18 × 28.5 cm (7″ × 11.2″)
Print size 12 × 22 cm (4.7″ × 8.7″)
Printed with professional oil-based inks
Paper Fabriano Unica Crema 250g
(archival quality, 50% cotton, acid-free)
Signed and numbered by the artist

Each print is unique and may vary in details and colour density
Colours may vary depending on the screen

“Allow my heart into the nights of summerlands
You who command the crepuscular reich
O’ aristocrat of the chasms, emperor over beasts,
I long for the secrets of your hypogean halls!
All-penetrating eye in the green darkness
From the top of Sitno you gaze down,
in the form of an enormous bear”

The Fires of Krupina is a concept story based on real happenings that occured in the town of Krupina during 17th century, amidst the numerous witchcraft trials that swept across Europe of those days. The artwork was created for the album by Malokarpatan.

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